“A risk assessment in the context of the Safety Statement should consider the numbers employed, the nature of the work, the degree of hazard, the level of accidents arising, the size and location of the workplace, the distribution of the employees, shift working, availability of an occupational health service with the workplace and the distance and duration from external medical services etc.”

Ref: HSA

So, with a risk assessment being done how many 1st aiders should you have in the workplace?

Like your risk assessment tells us, it depends on the circumstances put the table below should be a useful guide.

Type of Workplace

Maximum No. of
at any one time

No. of Occupational
First Aiders

Factories, Construction Sites, Surface Mines and Quarries

up to 49

1 if safety statement risk assessment shows it necessary


Minimum 1


Minimum 2

> 300

1 extra for every 150 employees or
part thereof

Underground Mines


1 for every 10 employees
or part thereof

Other workplaces

up to 99

1 if safety statement risk assessment shows it necessary






more than 700

1 extra for every 300 employees or part thereof.